Winner Metroidvania Jam 3

platforming action!


Beautiful Pixely goodness

Mmmmm Sound!

Check out my most recent Collaboration!

"Under the Fallen Snow" By  SomeFarang Stormfath3r(me) and  Varitas!


Limbo Party OST out Now!

Listen to it on soundcloud

Have a listen to the original soundtrack of Limbo Party!

Limbo Party OST

Check out Limbo Party

Our latest game!

I recently made a game in collaboration between Mountainside Games and TheLastYuriSamurai check it out at the link below!

Play Now

Let's Jam Again

I have been invited to jam again

This time I will be collaborating with a friend to enter the Scream Season Jam! I will be posting an update about mid way through the Jam so keep an eye out!

IGMC 2018


We are going to be a participant in IGMC 2018, the website will be updated regularly as the project progresses!