Working on a new title!

I will be making a new game announcement very soon! I have been developing with some new tools and have come up with a solid workflow. This section will become a new Devlog where I will be keeping track of the Major Development milestones of the NEW GAME!

I would like to give a little insight in to my Development process. The upcoming posts will focus on the following topics: Unity Engine, Spine animation software, Photoshop, and maybe some audio production as well. I would love some feedback or just your thoughts you can reach me through the links below!

Also, you may have noticed that the site has some major changes. The CMS theming tool I was using seemed to be going out of date, so I needed jump ship to something that was more secure for the moment. I will be losing a lot of content in the process but, it will be nice to have a fresh start!

See you in space… cowboy.